Monday, December 14, 2009

Workout, jeans, and Mom update

Calories eaten yesterday: 786
Fat: 22g (29%)
Carbs: 58g (34%)
Protein: 66g (37%)
Weight this morning: 138.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 407

Changed up my workout a bit. I think I need less weight training and more cardio, but it's hard to stop a weight training session once I start because I love it so much. I ended up doing 50 minutes of weight training followed by 50 minutes of cardio on one of the newer ellipticals. I had my protein shake on the train and then walked from my stop to work.

There's this one machine I use that targets the lower back. You have to wear a seat belt to keep yourself pinned to the seat and I am now so fat that in the upright position with the belt just below my hipbones I have a roll of fat that hangs over and meets below the belt. Ugly!

My favorite pair of jeans is stained so it looks like I'll have to hit Old Navy to get another pair. :-p Brad and I will do Costco on Saturday since they haven't had my salads on Friday for the last two weeks. Friday we'll hit Safeway, and maybe Trader Joe's for yogurt and Old Navy for jeans.

I called around yesterday and got my birthday covered at work for both Brad and I. This year it falls on a Monday. Our plan is to drive down to San Jose and tour the Winchester Mystery House and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. I haven't been to either in a couple decades so this should be fun!

Tomorrow I get to be lazy and sleep in - yay!

Mom and BillOn a more serious note my Mom was taken to the hospital on Saturday so she and Bill never made it to their next destination. I wish she hadn't taken this vacation - being sick close to hope is better than being sick far from home. They don't know what's wrong, but yesterday they moved her to a room in a higher care area - not good. Bill is with her so at least she's not alone. Mom is only in her mid-70s and yet she has more health problems than Dad who's in his late 80s. She's ambulatory (barely), but not well. To the right is a photo of her and Bill. Click it for a larger size.

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Arthur_of_Old said...

Praying for your Mom to get better.