Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Staff dinner

Calories eaten yesterday: 944
Fat: 14g (15%)
Carbs: 87g (42%)
Protein: 94g (43%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 273

Today I went to the gym. I did 40 minutes of weight training, 40 minutes on the stairmaster, and 10 doing a brisk walk on the treadmill. With the staff dinner I am off plan today so I treated myself to a protein bar and protein shake at the gym after my workout. I walked into work from the train station, stopping at Starbucks for a treat of a Venti skinny vanilla latte. I got a 6 inch turkey breast and ham sandwich at Subway for lunch.

Tonight was my department's Christmas dinner. I successfully survived. I ate healthy at the dinner and so-so at work. I had some bad stuff and a little candy, but not too horrible. I didn't weigh myself this morning but plan to weigh myself tomorrow no matter how bad the news is.

Dinner at Applebee's was a large steak (something like 600 calories - yikes!) with a double serving of veggies. I had grilled shrimp with it (200 calories) and a side salad with low-calorie dressing. I drank unsweetened iced tea and brought some liquid saccharin with me to sweeten it. I stopped briefly at Trader Joe's to get a protein bar that I shared with Brad and a large carton of Greek yogurt that I ate when I got back to work. I'll probably have a peanut butter sandwich before I go home and have my bedtime snack. Tonight I'm having the "chocolate pudding" made with Greek yogurt and protein powder.

Back on plan tomorrow and it's laundry day.

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