Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Calories burned in exercise today: 204

I binged yesterday so I have no stats. I weighed about 150 this morning (yes 150!), but I didn't take an official weight.

Today I skipped the gym to go to the DMV. I chose the one near to where I work. Exercise was walking down to the train, then from my stop to the DMV, then the rest of the way into work - 1 hour 10 minutes and about 3.6 miles total.

The DMV didn't take that long - I was in and out in probably about an hour. My ID card is expiring in about two weeks (my birthday) so I had to pay for a new one and have my photo taken. I wrote down 150 for my weight on the form.

A secretary down the hall, S., says I should talk to Rich H. downstairs about boss J. and harassment. Oh boy. There's a can of worms, but one I think should probably be opened.

On the apartment front I talked to the owner today who says the front apartment will be ready in about two weeks. He had trouble getting the electricians scheduled, but they are now and he says he should be able to zoom through the rest once that is done. The apartment needs lots more outlets to be brought up to code.

I talked to him about the fridge and discovered that I currently have a 14 cubit foot one. He promised me a 16 foot one when I move in. The one currently in the apartment looks to be about 12 feet and is smaller than my current one. I think I had a 12 foot when I moved in, but it broke and was replaced with the current 14 foot.

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