Sunday, December 13, 2009

Starting week 1 over again

Start: 140.2
Week 1: 144.2 (+4)
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -61.8

Yep, I gained 4 pounds in my first week of dieting. Lovely eh? I haven't weighed this much in ages. My body wants to hold onto fat.

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1069
Fat: 15g (14%)
Carbs: 96g (42%)
Protein: 106g (44%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1288
Fat: 14g (11%)
Carbs: 71g (25%)
Protein: 116g (38%)

Weight Thursday morning: 141.2
Weight Friday morning: 137.6
Weight Saturday morning: 141.2
Weight this morning: 144.2

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 219
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 0
Calories burned in exercise today: 158

It's raining and miserable out so I didn't get much walking in this weekend. Brad and I managed to go around Lake Merritt once today. I wanted to go twice, but we kept having to pull out our umbrellas and my shoes were wet.

Due to the fact that I am now 10 pounds above where I used to be I am going to have to restrict more. No more bedtime cottage cheese; it is not helping me gain muscle, but it is helping me put on even more fat. :-p

Since I gained - again - I am going to start over with 144.2 as my new starting weight and I'm going to cut back on food. 1100 calories MAX on non-workout days, and 1300 MAX on workout days.

Being off plan two days a week for the last two weeks hasn't helped. The good news is that there is nothing planned this week; the bad news is that Christmas, New Year's, and my birthday are still ahead. I am planning healthy food for Christmas and New Year's. My birthday is always a free for all because it only happens once a year. :) I'll be glad when January 12th comes and I can get back to normal with all the holidays behind me.

I think I'll make one rule to keep me away from sweets - nothing with added sugar except for maybe the fat-free frozen yogurt at Costco, which would be once a week max anyway.

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Arthur_of_Old said...

Hi V,

Don't despair. You are still doing well. Remember where you were and you'll be thankful. Like the girl at Starbucks said, "I wish I had your problem".