Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back up

14 days cheat freeWeight: 141
Calories eaten yesterday: 1864
Calories burned: 1938
Deficit: 74 calories
Carbs: 46g (good)
Fat: 83g (yippee)
Calories burned in exercise: 88

Back up today. I haven't lost anything in three weeks. I know I'm close to goal so the movement is slow, but it's still disheartening. My official weigh-in is Monday, so I need to behave. Hopefully I can get on my exercise bike when I get home from church this afternoon.

I heard about a new kind of low-carb soy milk on the low-carber forum. Soy Slender is made by WestSoy and comes in four flavors. It has only 1 net carb, but unlike the unsweetened soy milks that taste nasty without sweetener, these are already sweetened with Splenda! I didn't think I would ever find this product, but when I walked into the health food store yesterday to buy some L-Glutamine (helps build lean muscle and fight cravings), I saw this sitting in plain site. They had the cappuccino and chocolate, which are the ones I was most interested in anyway. Even better, it has fewer calories than the unsweetened - 70 versus 100.

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diamondwife said...

I use, and love, soy slender. I get it at the super Wal-Mart where I do my grocery shopping. They have vanilla and chocolate there and I enjoy both, but particularly like the chocolate. I find this product helpful as I used to have issues with working out in the morning due to the fact that exercising with nothing in my stomach left me weak and dizzy and exercising with food in my stomach left me nauseated. Now I drink about 6 ounces of the soy slender pre-workout, then after showering I eat my fried eggs. It works out great!