Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gaining weight fast!

13 days cheat freeI didn't even take my weight this morning. My stomach is very distended, even when I haven't eaten. I was just starting to get off the water weight from the GTT test and then BOOM, I starting gaining - FAST! I was 148 yesterday and now I'm probably 150 since I know I gained again but couldn't bear to get on the scale.

I'm leaving for vacation in a week and I'll be fat!!! Last year at Conference I was 150 and now here I am a year later STILL at 150. My size 8s from Old Navy don't fit. I found a bigger fitting size 8 at WalMart and am wearing those; even my size 10 shorts are tight. I was doing SOOO well, too! I got rid of my 10s from Old Navy so I can't gain anymore or nothing will fit! I was really looking forward to getting into those Calvin Klein small 8s, too. They did fit. Not any more. :(

TOM is due (overdue actually), but I never gain or lose with that. So many women fluctuate up and down; TOM has no effect on my weight.

Pray for me that this weight will woosh off. All I can do is try my best to control my carbs this week and hope for the best. Where oh where is my whoosh fairy?

Took some pictures of me drinking wine yesterday, and thought I'd share them here.

me with Merlot kicking it on a Saturday afternoon

sipping Merlot on a Saturday afternoon
Click on the photos for larger size.

As you can see from the photos, I have zits. I'm having an outbreak. All I can think of is that it's a delayed reaction from my five days of eating crap. Too bad the zits don't only last five days! Hopefully they will be gone by the time I leave for vacation!

Found two beauty shops on Broadway I hope to hit this week (they were closed today). I need a bleach kit and more blue dye. I want to redo my hair before Conference. I won't be able to bleach all of it - the underside is brown and growing out, but the topside can't handle any more bleach. I'll bleach the roots that are growing out at the top of my head, dye the whole thing, then hope it comes out well enough that nobody notices the brown underside.

Went to the gym today; it's become my standard Sunday ritual now that City Church's late service starts too early to allow me to attend. Sorry, but I don't do getting up at 7 a.m. just to get to church! Anyway, FitDay says I burned 267 calories. The weight assisted chin-up was really hard with all my extra weight.

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Janis said...

Go easy on yourself, Victoria. You know you can do it. We're sharing the same boat and just got there different ways. You with the tests and me with the RX drug. I was also up exactly 10 lbs. and will know tomorrow how I did on the scale by eating perfectly (following induction) for seven days. We'll get through this just like we got through everything else in our travels to good health. :o)

April said...

Hey, we all have rough spots. You're not fat, you're just getting thinner, and there are ups and downs in the process. Remember what Jimmy said about "Fat Day?" As long as we go back to doing what we know works, the fat day will be just a day or a few, and will be way outnumbered by wonderful thin days!

Hang in there! I will be keeping you in my prayers!