Friday, July 07, 2006

Back into the 130s!

13 days cheat freeWeight: 139.8
Calories eaten yesterday: 1703
Calories burned: 1905
Deficit: 202 calories
Carbs: 48g (good)
Fat: 68g (too low)
Calories burned in exercise: 79

Hit the 130s (again), though not a new low. :) My previous low was 139, so that's the weight to beat. But I'll gladly take 139.8. It's still out of the 140s, and that's what matters.

Now the weekend starts and with it boredom and lack of distractions that may cause me to eat more.

I checked my calendar and discovered I do have a chiropractic appointment today, so I should be able to get some exercise by walking to and from the 57 bus.

Regarding the raw foods vegan who's been trying to convert me to her way of eating, I remembered yesterday that I do have a vegan linked in my dropdown list. Lira at Unknown Island North is a recently converted vegan, but she doesn't feel a need to go around telling others how unhealthy their diets are.

Personally, I don't think consuming that much soy is healthy for anyone (soy is the only non-animal complete protein that exists). If humans were meant to be vegan, carbohydrates would not be unnecessary. But they are, while fat and protein are necessary. And I say this as someone who likes tofu and eats other soy products as part of my low-carb diet. I believe that humans are meant to consume animal protein - meat, dairy, and eggs.

Honestly, if I had the money I'd buy organic, but I'm not that rich. I can barely afford organic eggs, never mind meat, which I eat more of. Organic and free-range are better because they are less cruel, but I don't believe that eating meat is inherently cruel. Send me money and I'll buy organic free-range meat. ;)

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1 comment:

Lira said...


I am doing my best to be the kind of veggie critter who does not base her diet on soy. Honestly, I think tofu is too expensive and packaged a product to keep buying regularly (so much plastic!). The good news is that (once again) a balanced diet really will provide good nutrition, including protein.

As for the vehement vegan approach, it's the same as any other attempt to "convince" other people to adopt one's ideology by force--whether physical or verbal--it doesn't work. I'd rather focus on the plight of meat animals, or the environment, nutrition, or theological understandings in the hope that by sharing about what I am learning myself, others might be interested in why I am up to what I am up to. I feel the same way about religious evangelism.