Friday, June 30, 2006

I hit the 130s!

6 days cheat freeI hit a new low today! Woohoo! I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 139! I am finally in the 130s! Wow. I have never seen the 130s before! My previous low weight was 140.2. I'm sure it's just a fluke and I'll be up tomorrow, but I'll take it. A month ago I started at 144, so getting serious about cutting calories has certainly worked! Plus I haven't had a serious cheat since the Bay To Breakers race. Not cheating works!

Weight: 139
Calories eaten yesterday: 1647
Calories burned: 2088
Deficit: 441 calories
Carbs: 32g (yippee)
Fat: 72g (a bit low, even for the number of calories)
Calories burned in exercise: 272

Walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, counting my gym time.

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Thin Old Man..... said...

Weight Loss: Men vs. Women

Patrick J. Bird, Ph.D.
Keeping Fit
Column 416

Q. When my husband and I go on a diet together, he loses weight easier than I do. Do all men lose weight faster than women or is this just another way in which he is a little unusual? Also, I have trouble trimming down in the right places below my waist. My husband tends to trim down all over. Do you have any ideas about this?

A. Your husband is not unusual, at least on this account. Men often lose weight faster than women, because men are endowed with more of the body's primary energy consumer; that is, muscle. Even while resting, men, as a result of their greater muscle mass, burn 5 to 10 percent more calories than women.

Shedding pounds from the "right places" is a problem for a lot of women. Here again, this has to do with the differences between the sexes. Most of our body fat, regardless of gender, is located under our skin and around our internal organs. With diet and exercise, we all lose this fat at about the same relative rates.

The remainder of our fat is called "essential fat" and is deposited in bone marrow, in various organs, and throughout the nervous system. However, essential fat in females also includes "sex-specific fat." This fat mainly accounts for the higher percentage of total body fat in women.

Herein lies the "right places" problem. Although some of this sex-specific fat is stored in the breasts, most is deposited in the pelvic, buttock, and thigh region. And once in place, sex-specific fat, as well as all other essential fat, is hard to dislodge. Some experts say this reflects the importance of this fat in childbearing and hormone functions.

In short: Women have less calorie burning muscle than men. Women also have "sex-specific fat," most of which is deposited below the waist and is stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. Acheiving a lighter, trimmer figure is, therefore, a little more demanding for the female.


Lowcarb_dave said...

139 POUNDS! That's how much my lunch weighs! You is tiny girl!

Congratulations! You have lost 33% of your original body mass!

Leigh said...

Hey - way to go!! Dedication is what it takes!