Sunday, June 04, 2006

First weekend

Happy new week to everyone. Today's my Monday so here I am at work.

I did well Friday, but it all fell apart Saturday. (I should explain that Friday/Saturday is my weekend.)

I knew I'd be off plan Saturday; it just amazes me how far I always fall off plan. I ate way too much peanut butter, some peanuts and Cheese-It's during the break time at church, and 2 slices of low-carb bread to make two open faced sandwiches before bed.

I had some of Jane's salad at lunch (picked out the apple pieces), but it didn't have dressing on it so I put on some Ranch (2 carbs per serving). It was the lowest carb of the two dressings offered. I also brought the Dreamfield's spaghetti like I said I would, but I think I overcooked it which takes away its low-carb properties. So I probably ate the equivalent of regular spaghetti. I baked some Atkins sugar-free brownies, but nobody else wanted to eat them except one kid who didn't know they were sugar free. She had two she liked them so much. :) I ate so many they gave me gas, which was kind of embarrassing.

Nobody at church ever wants to eat my healthy low-carb food. It's like they are so addicted to sugar and starches that they can't fathom life without them. Heck, they think carbs - lots of them - are healthy. The only food they will eat - in small quantities - is the baked eggplant I make. Pisses me off. It's just not popular to eat low-carb. Most people still buy into the low-fat lie we've all been fed since childhood. And the nation's obesity crisis just continues to get worse.

At the Pentecost feast I couldn't eat any of the meat (I don't like salmon, the fish sticks were breaded, and the chicken was drowned in a sugary glaze), so Leona was very accommodating and had Anita cook me a couple hard boiled eggs. I also had some of the cheese, black olives, and salad. I drank water because the only other option was juice, which is nothing but sugar water. I think I messed up even dinner though because I think I detected sugar in the salad dressing. :-p

Now that the latest feast is over, I can replace lunch next Sabbath with a shake, have dinner at home, and count every morsel I eat. "You bite it, you write it."

I'm back on plan today. Made it to the gym, too. I decided I need to do weights first so I have more energy, so I took my protein shake out on the floor with me, and after finishing my weight training, I sipped the shake while doing my cardio. Hopefully this will work to reverse the muscle loss.

I missed my train today and had more than a 20 minute wait for the next one, plus a long weight for the bus (stupid Sunday schedules), so I was 10 minutes late to work. The guy I relieved seem none to pleased about having to stay late.

The next food problem is Thursday. Pastor Ray from Pennsylvania is in town and we are going to Applebees for lunch. I obviously have no way of counting calories there. I know I can make an Atkins-friendly lunch - no issue there - but it does not bode well for the rest of the day, plus the calories are very high in their meals, even if I can keep the carbs to a minimum. I looked at their Weight Watchers menu, but it's all low-fat, high-carb. I'll just take something low-fat to work for dinner like the turkey burgers I cooked last week or some salad. Once this special lunch is over things should get back to normal for a while where I can count calories and carbs 7 days a week.

I'm so fat today. My tummy is bloated and sticking way out. I'll probably be one of only a handful of people that gains during the first week of "the diet." I obviously didn't weigh myself this morning; I never do on Sundays because Saturdays are so far off plan. I did weigh myself Saturday morning before eating my way to oblivion and came in at 144.4.

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Anonymous said...

"The next food problem is Thursday. Pastor Ray from Pennsylvania is in town and we are going to Applebees for lunch. I obviously have no way of counting calories there."

In fact, there are a number of databases with the calorie counts online. One of them is at

It lists the most popular foods, rather than just the weight watcher's foods. It may be useful .


Brian P.

Newbirth said...

Thanks for trying. I looked at it but they have very little that's on the local menu here and nothing that I was planning on getting. I do a lot of subbing also. For example, I sub the potatoes for extra veggies, forgo the garlic bread, and order a side salad.

Bonita in Pink said...

I think I'll be one of those that gain weight on their first week too.
But I won't let that discourage me from sticking to my workout. I'll keep working out and trying to eat healthier.

Good Job though. You're doing good!