Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm losing!

23 days cheat freeI wonder if I can make 30 days cheat free?

Did okay yesterday. Just under 1800 calories, 54 carbs (the tomato added the extra), and 82g of fat. Yippee! I truly believe that my fat intake has been too low and needs to be higher to help me lose. This isn't Weight Watchers; this is Atkins! Fat is fuel!

I was down again on the scale this morning. It's been a whoosh week. Thank you, Grace! The last six times I've stepped on the scale it's been down. :) I know it will go up again a bit, but this is really excellent. I was 142.4 this morning. No more 148! I've lost almost all the weight I gained back! :)

I was sure hungry yesterday, but I fought through it. In keeping with cycling calories I'm trying to make today a lower day, especially since I know Thursday will be higher; it always is due to the extra glass of wine. :)

The weekend is almost here (tomorrow is my Friday). That means pina coladas, baby! Low-carb but they taste like the real thing. Oh yeah! I just bought a bunch more bottles of the mix from

Covered over 10,000 steps yesterday. The stepper, elliptical, and treadmill at the gym were a big part of that. Today I just did the walk to work from BART and I won't make 10,000.

The only problem I can see coming up is our biannual church meeting, for which I am secretary. This means another full day at church around non-friendly food. A protein shake won't cut it when I'm gone all day, so I may just have to pack an extra lunch like I do during the week and deal with the stares. They truly don't understand that I need to count calories and carbs, and I can't do that eating potluck food with unknown ingredients and amounts. I'm totally lost without my food scale and when I'm not in control of what goes in my mouth. I still help them clean up, so they really shouldn't complain.

For now, I should be okay. As far as I know, this Sabbath is a "normal" Sabbath when I can take a protein shake for lunch and be home by mid- to late-afternoon.

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