Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm gaining :(

fat womanNo, that's not me. ;)

As I stated in this post, I have gained some weight back. Today I found out just how much weight and it's really bad. I came in at 147.8 on the scale this morning! This is nearly a whole pound over the maximum I'm allowed to weigh! Dr. Atkins says to nip weight gain in the bud before it gets out of hand. I don't want this 6 to turn into 10 to turn into 20 and pretty soon I've gained all 60 back. I know the numbers are against me here, but I will overcome!

So I've been giving some thought to how to cut back on carbs. First, ditch the strawberries when my current stash is gone. Substitute either cottage cheese or a raw veggie mix. I'm happy as long as I have something to eat. It doesn't have to be high carb or sweet. It just has to be food.

Second, cut out bread for a while and make "sandwiches" using Romaine lettuce leaves. Maybe ditch the mayo to cut back on calories (my other issue) without losing any real food.

I have to get my carbs under control. My 60g a day has been closer to 70g a lot of times. So no more than 60g, period! I want to stay around 60g because I feel so much better there. Within a couple weeks of dropping back to 40g late last year I started getting almost daily headaches, and within a couple weeks of upping my carbs to 60g after reaching goal the headaches went away. So 40g is only as a last resort - I don't feel as good and I get headaches. The only good thing is that I have absolutely no cravings at that level. It worked great to get me through Christmas with all the sweets surrounding me at work.

I think 60g might be my ACE (Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium). How depressing is that?

Lastly, I need to cut back on calories. I've played fast and loose with calories far too often lately. That alone could cause quite a bit of weight gain. I swear I've gained all 6 pounds in my abdomen.

One bit of good news. Yesterday at the gym I did 100 sit-ups! Woot! Go me! It wasn't even very hard. All the ab work I've been doing is paying off.

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you people are meann!!!! seriousley this woman is trying hard to loose weight!!! ... but hunny you do soound a bit over obsesive about your weight.. just relax