Thursday, April 20, 2006


Poiema CDThis an old Michael Card CD (1994). He is my favorite Christian music artist. My stand-in Vicki this year sent it as one of my Vicki box presents. She got it off my Amazon wish list. The lyrics from one song really touched me, so I submitted them to, a lyrics search engine. (The full lyrics are up now; do a search under his name or the album name.)

Poiema is beautiful with an Irish flavor - nearly every song sounds like it came from Ireland, and a couple of the songs, Lowden's Prayer and The Greening of Belfast, are undeniably Irish.

Since I understand the sentiments of the song The Edge, I wanted to reproduce here the first verse and the chorus.

Most of us will never know
How dark this world can seem
When life becomes more nightmare than a dream.
So to all of you who have survived
A visit to the edge,
I trust that you will understand this pledge.

I promise I will always leave
The darkness for the light,
I swear by all that's holy
I will not give up the fight.
I'll drink down death like water
Before I ever come again
To that dark place where I might make
The choice for life to end.

Michael Card is little known in the Christian community - most people have never heard of him. His music is one of the best kept secrets around. It is so much deeper and richer and rooted in the Bible than any other Christian artist. If you like Christian lite rock, pick up a Michael Card CD. I am especially smitten with his earlier stuff.

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Thainamu said...

Hi. I followed your comment in PbyA's blog. Michael Card is my favorite contemporary Christian singer. His lyrics have some meat on them and are true to scripture.

erudit said...

I like Michael Card, though I haven't listened to him in a long time. Your comments make me want to look back into him!