Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy birthday, sweetheart

Xena at three years oldToday is the day we celebrate Xena's birthday. I don't know exactly when she was born, but counting back from her age when I got her yields a date of early April. Anyway, they'll get tuna tonight. She's four years old, born in 2002. A gratuitous cat picture or two shall follow. The picture on the left was taken on her third birthday.

Her adoption date is next month. With Abby that's the date we celebrate because I don't even know what year she was born.

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burlington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY XENA!!! Enjoy ur tuna and I hope ur momma will give you tuna more than once a year. :)

Newbirth said...

Thanks! :)

They get tuna for all holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, so yeah - more than once a year. The next time they get tuna will be Easter.

Wile E. said...

Hey Burlington. Hey Newbirth.

Salmon tooooo. Happy Birthday! Xena! Salmon soon, even with the ban.
May you conquer the barbarians,savages, mice, rats, and those dogs. Ewww and those pesky veternarians.
Give them tuna once a month cuz ya love'em =-)