Thursday, April 13, 2006

2 pounds down!, and Easter weekend happenings

digital scaleWeighed myself and I was down 2 pounds this morning to 145.6. Still too high, but under 147 at least. Still have a ways to go. Tomorrow's menu isn't shaping up too well, but once the strawberries and bread are gone - which they will be after tomorrow - it should be much easier.

I will get this weight off!

I'll plan my menus for next week tonight and without the bread and fruit I should be able to get the carbs down without too much trouble. I'll sub in some raw veggies to munch on in place of the strawberries and use Romaine leaves instead of bread.

At least it was sunny and warm today, so I walked to work from the BART station, stopping off at Starbucks for decaffeinated chai tea with sugar free vanilla syrup. Yummy and almost no calories!

I'm going to the traditional Good Friday service tomorrow from noon to 3 (scroll down to "Good Friday" on link). Ouch! Thursdays I'm up late doing laundry. I just checked the bus schedule and I need to be out the door a little before 11 a.m., showered, dressed, and ready for the weekend. Obviously, there will be no time to cook or pack lunches. Hopefully I can cook the ground beef tonight while the clothes are washing, and then prepare my lunches when I get home from church. If I get up at 8:30 tomorrow - very early for me because I work second shift - I should be able to have coffee, shower, have breakfast, and grab a meal bar as I head out the door. That way when I get hungry I'll have a Atkins-approved snack to munch on.

I'm skipping the Easter vigil this year. The church I've been going to is just too liberal for my tastes. I feel worse about it than St. Paul's where I will be Easter Sunday morning, and that church is a lot of fluff.

I got the church bulletin last night and surprise! we are not doing Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Sad, because I love that song and we are having no Sunday service. At least we are doing Go to Dark Gethsemane, one of my favorite Good Friday songs.

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Brad said...

Not for you V, but juts FYI to those who hit the blog. Good info. Lord be with you all and Happy Resurrection day. Soon it will be Sunday forever.

Brad said...

Read this!

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Newbirth said...

My ankles are okay, but the body part I like best is my collarbones. :)

Brad said...

Yes, they really shine, and were so lovely at your sister's wedding. =-)
But, what I realize is when you get older and youth fades,you shall still be the wonderful Victoria you are today.

Annnnd those collar bones and ankles too, will still be as lovely...!

Your friends love you for you, not the sum of your parts or what you look like, as beautiful as that is.

Lord Be with you always and bring you His peace.

Thanks for the studies and the poems.
Love the poetry and the Bible verse presentations. B

Thanks V!