Thursday, April 13, 2006

poem: Staying the Course: A Poem for Maundy Thursday

This is a reprint of a poem I posted here but it's long since been buried in the archives.

Maundy Thursday

Staying the Course: A Poem for Maundy Thursday
You gave us gifts that we misused, You gave us gifts, Your name to praise,
And yet we turned, misused your gifts, and grieve You so all of our days.
In You is hope and happiness, in You made, in You must be,
In You our only hope salvation, laying Your body on the tree.
In grieving You we grieve ourselves, You are our sustenance and love,
You come to us in condescension; glory to the God above!

On the night of Your betrayal, You could have left and run away,
Instead You prayed, stayed in the garden, willing that our sins be laid
On You instead of those deserving - us, the wretched and the lost,
You did the Father's will and bidding - came as man and paid the cost.
They came and took You from the garden to trial, cross, and finally grave,
You bore our sins and our transgressions, in Your love You came to save.

Love like this beyond my grasping, love this strong, and love this fierce,
Love that loves us as we're sinning, Love that shall His own hands pierce.
Love that long to reconcile, even as we turn from light,
It's never too late to re-embrace Him, turn from darkness and the night.
His cup of suffering now becomes the cup of our salvation through
Him who loves us and redeemed us - there's nothing more that's left to do!

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Brad said...

This Poem makes me happy amd sorrowful all at the same time.

Who wrote this poem?

Newbirth said...

I wrote it Brad. :)

Brad said...

What a wonderful depiction and reflection of His Salvation and Love of His own.!!!
Thanks for sharing that gracious poem.

Psalm 97

Newbirth said...


How dare you ban me from the Moot and then come here to comment! You are a troll and will have ALL comments deleted no matter how innocuous they seem.

Sorry for the delete folks...just a troll who enjoys stalking me - in the name of Jesus of course.