Thursday, April 27, 2006


Made it to the gym today for a rockin' workout. I made good time so I had extra time to workout. I started with 35 minutes of weight training, then 21 on the pedal-type stairmaster, 30 on the elliptical (the type with the moving arm handles), and finished up with 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 3.5 mph - a comfortable pace for me, while watching the closed captioning on Law and Order. :) FitDay says I burned 373 calories. Woot!

All that exercise made me tired so I bought a sugar free Rock Star energy drink to help perk me up for my shift.

Calories are on target to be fairly high today, but it's still early so we'll see.

Weight was 144.8 this morning, only a teeny bit below the last two days, and 2.8 pounds above goal. Even if the scale doesn't move I know my plan is working if I am eating less calories than I burn. So what if the scale doesn't show it? The change will show up somewhere at some point - even if I have to wait a few months to see my body fat percentage go down. :) Go me! I can do this!

Finished God's Smuggler today so now I can focus on The Purpose Driven Life which my church is starting on Saturday.

Brad was nice enough to drop my new printer/scanner at my apartment today. I got the prelim stuff done (out of the box, printing a test page, and aligning the scanner with the test page) and now just need to install the software. I'll attempt that tonight while the laundry's going.

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Lynn said...

I love your blog,

It's just delightful.

I was looking at the flickr pictures and I must say blue hair rocks.

God Bless and I wish you the best on your journey. :)

Newbirth said...

I'm planning on dyeing my hair blue one more time, just before the race. It's currently blond because I bleached it. I tried pink but it didn't look good on me; the blue I really like.