Friday, April 14, 2006

Does this count as a workout?

Whew! I've been sooo busy! Last night when I got home from work I started the laundry, then cooked the ground beef for lunches next week. Then I moved the clothes from the washer to the drier, shaved my legs, and portioned out the ground beef into five containers. Then I got the clothes out and put them away. I got to sleep finally around 2:30 a.m.

This morning I got up at 8:30 (ug!), had coffee, took a shower, had breakfast, then ran out the door to the Good Friday service. I hate morning showers. Too much of a rude awakening. I'd rather shower in the afternoon after I'm awake. Less than 6 hours sleep last night means I'm tired today. Bleh. Not even my B-50 tablet can help with that.

Toward the end of the Good Friday service there is a processional to the cross. A cross about 3-4 feet high is carried down the aisle and laid down on a small table. People are invited to go forward to it. I went forward, bent down on one knee, grasped the cross, and kissed it. Truly I am grateful for Jesus' sacrifice.

On the way home I stopped first at Payless shoes, looking for a new pair of running shoes since my current pair is getting old. I found a shnazzy looking pair with a criss cross velcro and elastic closure. I also spotted a cute pair of summer sandals and even found them in wide width! So I bought those, too. I asked about boots but it's not the season for the warm ones I wanted. No more boots until this fall.

Then I passed a beauty supply store and picked up a bottle of blue hair dye, then went to the Asian district looking for Shirataki noodles. I had no luck and finally headed home.

When I arrived home I finished preparing lunches for the coming week, got something to eat, and drank a couple Diet Rites. I also made the salad for my dinner a little later, and took the recycling downstairs.

Tomorrow I have my regular church in the morning, and then I am skipping Easter vigil at St. Cuthbert's and staying home and relaxing. Then up early on Sunday for Easter Sunday services at St. Paul's. Then straight from church to work so that Yuriy can go to his church.

When Yuriy came into work Thursday night to relieve me I told him I'd be in at 1 p.m. Sunday so he can go to church (his church starts at 2 p.m.). He seemed surprised and I realized that he must have taken my e-mail wrong and that I was going to deprive him of Easter. I would never do that. Besides, the reason I don't want to come in early on Sunday is so that I can work out. This Sunday I won't be working out; I'm going to church. :) Hopefully I can start Sunday workouts in two weeks, since next Sunday is my "regular" 12 hour shift.

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