Friday, April 28, 2006

It sucks. Here I am with overtime about to end at work, and the building owner where I live comes by to give me a paper informing me that my rent is going up $22.94 starting in June. I am so not happy about this. Without overtime I struggled before; where is the extra $22.94 to come from? I know it seems like an odd amount to raise my rent. I assume that due to rent control he raised it the maximum he could under the law. So now my rent will be $717.94 per month. *sigh*

The printer is coming along. I was able to print out the long overdue church documents, but since they are stored on a OS 9 program, it got more complicated. I have to restart my computer in OS 9 to make it print. Running OS 9 on OS X isn't good enough.

And scanning? Nothing I did would make it scan. Stupid technology.

Weight was down to 143 today - only 1 pound above goal! - but I think it's dehydration from too little food and too much wine (two glasses). Total calories yesterday was 1568, and that includes the wine. That's too little real food. So the short of it is - I know I'll be up tomorrow. Oh well. I will get the results I want if I just keep going. Scale weight is only one marker.

I forgot to say one thing about my workout yesterday. I did sit-ups like always, but real ones rather than using the ab bench, and I did 100! Woot! And my abs are sore again today. Must do those more often since using the ab bench never leaves me sore the next day.

And it seems like my size 8 Calvin Klein jeans shorts are fitting me better, but that could just be because they have been worn before and not washed. I'll wash them next week and see how they fit then. These are smaller than my Old Navy jeans and it's a goal of mine for these to fit well. At least they fit okay when they're stretched out. :)

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