Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No exercise

No walking to work today. My one errand in San Francisco quickly became three. It's amazing the number of things you remember you have to do. I got my mail as planned, then stopped at the pet store and got a new automatic waterer for the cats. Their current one has a bit of green mold growing inside the waterer, impossible to reach. I've had the waterer for quite a while anyway, so it's time for a new one. Not that the cats care. They're happy as long as they have water. I wouldn't drink from it with the mold, so they shouldn't have to either.

On the way back downtown I also stopped at Office Depot and got the new printer/scanner I've needed for months. $100, plus $33 for ink cartridges. I wasn't going to walk to work carrying that, so I took the bus the last leg to work.

And finally, I got the original errand done that I went into San Francisco for - getting money for Conference out of savings and putting it into checking. I also found out that my CD matures this September. I plan to take the money out at that time and put it into my new IRA.

Oh, my bib for the Bay To Breakers race was in my mail! Yippee! I got my lowest number ever by registering really early - 2653.

Weight was up again even though I've been good. A depressing 145.2 - 3.2 pounds above goal, and a gain of 0.6 from last Friday. *sigh* I can always hope some is muscle, right? Right?

I think I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow to give my muscles another day to rest. Then I can go to the gym Thursday and push myself harder.

Woke up really hungry this morning so I scrapped my meal bar and had the Nutlettes cereal with unsweetened soy milk and one packet of Splenda. I also had one hard boiled egg. I don't believe soy is the health miracle some claim, but the cereal is a reasonable facsimile of Grape Nuts, low-carb and high in fiber, and since I can no longer get Carb Countdown milk, soy milk is the only other choice.

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1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Bummer about the carb countdown milk. I love it, don't know what I'd do without it. I'd fedex you some if I could be sure it wouldn't spoil in transit.:-P