Monday, April 10, 2006

Diet stuff

Did rather well yesterday. Not too surprising given how much I ate the day before - cutting back the next day would be natural.

I upped the meat with my lunch from 10 oz. to 12 oz. and that really seems to keep me fuller longer. When 7 pm rolled around yesterday I wasn't hungry for my snack, so I skipped it. We'll see how today goes.

Finally got in a regular workout today! About 30 minutes of weights, 12 minutes of running at 12 minutes a mile (go me!), and 30 on the crossramp trainer.

I'm still tired, but if I slept in today then I would have missed a workout, and there's only going to be two workouts this week. It felt great to get back to weight training. My little half hour run last Friday was all I had time for. There was no time for weights. I want so desperately to gain muscle and that's not happening when I'm away from it for a week and a half.

Tomorrow is a mail run and hopefully I'll be able to pick up a new pair of jeans since one of my 8's is developing a nice hole near the zipper.

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FAT BITCH said...

Hi Newbirth :)

So you're doing Atkins? Congratulations on losing 60 whole pounds and getting into that size 8 pair of jeans!!!

I see on your food journal that you drank coffee! Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but I had heard that coffee wasn't allowed on Atkins. The reason I'm asking is because my husband Fat Bastard was thinking of doing Atkins but he doesn't want to give up his morning coffee.

Your cats are beautiful!

Brad said...

In Atkins they recommend decaff. But coffee isn't banned...
However, what you put in the coffee is another thing. Splenda is preferred instead of sugar. Go easy on anything which will raise carb levels above the grams per day induction levels when starting. You must be aware. Refer to the Atkins diet plan book. Atkins for Life. You'll live better.

Newbirth said...

Like Brad said, Atkins recommeds decaf. Personally, I have never given up my morning cup of leaded, because I don't feel human without it. (I gave it up for 6 weeks for Lent once and...I never want to do that again!)

If you need it sweet and blonde, artificial sweetener is allowed (but not recommended), as well as either heavy cream or half and half.

Caffeine *can* mess with blood sugar levels and that's why it's not allowed.

Some people tolerate it just find though. :)

So when do we get to see your beautiful face? :)