Sunday, April 16, 2006

Of lattes and donuts

Well, I totally failed yesterday. The high carbs I had on Friday (89 net grams) were just enough to push me over the edge on Saturday. At church I had plenty of peanuts (which are okay), Cheese-Its, and donuts. Yes, Andre brought donuts. I had four halves (two whole donuts) instead of my usual one bite. *sigh*

Then our potluck didn't even have a salad (my usual fare). It was all bad refined carbs - pizza (I had one small slice) and frozen taquitos (I had one) and burritos (I had two). That was it. Absolutely nothing healthy. If there had been dessert I would have dived into that, too.

There goes my two pound loss.

Brad stopped at Starbucks before coming to my house and I asked him to get me a Chai tea (the teabag kind) with sugar free vanilla syrup. What he brought me instead was a Chai latte. Milk is sky high in sugar. *sigh* But since the diet was already ruined at that point I didn't mind that much. He bought himself a regular latte and left up leaving the cup at my house, still mostly full. It wasn't sweet so I added a couple packets Splenda and finished it.

Men! Bah!

I always get into trouble if I eat too many carbs. For me, if I get around 90g of carbs it's too much for my body and I go over the edge.

I'm starting over again today. Last week I decided that I would cut out bread and strawberries (really the only fruit I eat) starting today. I finished off the bread and strawberries on Friday. Only low carb veggies for me this week, and instead of strawberries I'll be packing along a raw veggie mix. Unfortunately, I didn't plan well today and ate the veggie mix early, so that means no 7 p.m. snack for me. Carbs today should be in the lower 50s.

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