Sunday, April 23, 2006

And so another week starts

I guess I did okay yesterday. No more 150 net gram carb Saturdays at least. I came in at about 110g and WAY more sugar alcohols than any human was meant to eat. Which I paid for so I guess I learned my lesson. I don't want to think about the calories.

On track for today so far. I walked to work from the BART station and was way early so I ducked into Starbucks and got a Chai tea with sugar free vanilla syrup and a Dannon non-fat yogurt sweetened with Splenda. They only had one left. I ate my yogurt and sipped my tea and read my book. That's a slice of heaven. I love reading while eating or sipping coffee or tea. It's so peaceful.

I need to finish the book because my church is starting this 40 Days of Purpose program next week. We're doing it as a church and there are readings to complete each day. We signed up for the April 30-June 11 "campaign." Actually, our church is starting April 29 since we meet Saturday instead of Sunday. I need to get a Bible case for my book since I'll be carrying it around a lot and don't want it getting thrashed in my backpack. Hopefully I can stop at Stacey's in the City since I need to go in on Tuesday anyway.

I'm afraid the yogurt pretty well wiped out the walking I did, so I took my meal bar off my menu to make up for it. Fat-free yogurt sucks since I'm not fat-phobic like most everybody else, but it's sweetened with Splenda so it has fewer carbs and for only 60 calories it can't be beat. It just doesn't stick with you because it has no fat.

I didn't weigh myself this morning since I knew I'd be up after yesterday. I'm always up on Sundays. No exercise yesterday. I ended up taking a nice peaceful nap instead, with a little gray cat curled up next to me. (I forced her to sleep there.) Hopefully I can make it to the gym tomorrow. No exercise today except for the walking because it's a 12 hour day.

Today's Easter for the Orthodox church so for any celebrating Easter today: Happy Easter! He is risen!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, you have a great blog! I discovered it through Jimmy's Livin la Vida Low Carb blog.

I also enjoy reading about your Christian pursuits, since I'm one myself (born a Jewish girl and converted circa 1996).

Keep up the wonderful blog! I'm following The Glycemic Load Diet Plan and feeling so much better for it.