Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend update

Once again I've neglected this blog on Saturday and only got one short entry up Friday. In all fairness, I wasn't home at all yesterday. As soon as I got back from church I left for the gym, and as soon as I got back from the gym I left to have dinner with Brad.

Abraham (their son) and Regina were supposed to come to the dinner, too, but Brad doesn't have his car back from the shop yet, so Regina used this as an excuse to keep her and Abraham home, even though Brad said he'd pay to cab her home.

I took the bus out to Applebee's. I had the same thing as last Tuesday - steak and shrimp with melted cheese and veggies (no potatoes or bread) and two glasses of Merlot. After dinner we went to Starbucks for coffee. I got decaf because it was already quite late, I had to be up early for work today, and we were losing an hour going into daylight saving time. I had them put sugar free vanilla syrup in it for a sweet touch.

This dinner was to celebrate my being on Atkins for two years (yay!). Brad got me a bottle of Merlot and a card. How sweet. :)

Friday I did okay. Went over on calories but not obscenely, and did pretty well on carbs. I'm pleased.

This week will again be a one-visit-to-the-gym week unless I go next Saturday. This is really out of hand. Yuriy - he works the Sunday morning shift every other week right now - said he could work any weekend shift that wasn't covered, so he will get some shifts when we hire new people. Every time he has to work Sunday morning, he asks me to come in two hours early, at 1 pm, and I do. So I am currently coming in two hours early every other Sunday (the other Sundays I'm working 12 hours).

I wrote him back and told him that I will not come in two hours early every Sunday so he can go to church, and if he wants to the Sunday morning shift, he needs to know that I will be coming in at 3 pm, not 1 pm. He needs to take that into account when choosing shifts. He needs to choose which is more important - church or work - and stop imposing on me, as if I can put my life on hold each Sunday because he wants to do both. I'm sick of it. The Sunday morning shift is 8 hours long just like every other shift. I don't think that's unreasonable.

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Anonymous said...

If you find visiting the gym hard, I would suggest walking. That is how I get my PT. Sometimes I just walk around the basement washing machines for an hour. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.


Brian P.

Newbirth said...

I do! I've blogged about it more than once. I walk the last leg to work if it's not raining. That's a solid 30 minutes, including walking over two overpasses, and dragging a pullman backpack behind me.

Wile E. Coyote said...

Yeah, she doesn't miss a beat. Roadrunner has nothing on her!!