Thursday, April 06, 2006

Innova & Eukanuba, take 2

I think we have a winner! Abby dived into the Innova Evo. Xena wasn't as enamored, but she never is. Food is merely a way to survive for her; she doesn't treat every meal like her last the way Abby does. Anyway, Xena likes it so I can feel good about giving it to her. I won't feed them a food they hate, which is why I won't buy Meow Mix again - neither of them seemed to care for it, though they would eat it if they were hungry enough.

I hear so much about picky cats. I must be very blessed to have two decidedly UNpicky cats.

Because protein increases satiety and carbohydrates decrease it, this new food may work out to keep Abby from feeling hungry 24/7. The high carbohydrate content in her diet food could be doing that. They do to the cat food what they do to human "diet" food - replace fat with carbohydrates, as if this is better. As someone on Atkins, I should know better!

I still have 2 1/2 large bags of the diet food that I will feed them - I'm not wasting perfectly good cat food. I also have a couple bags of store bought Purina-type stuff that they will also eat at some point. They like it the best so I use it as a treat only because it is not the most healthy.

At any rate, when all the other food is gone I'll be giving them the Innova Evo almost exclusively, except I'll never give up the occasional bags of Purina for a treat. They LOVE all the cheaper store bought food.

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