Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gratuitous cat pictures

I bought a new toy recently. Both Xena and Abby like it, but Xena has taken more of an interest.

It won't stay connected to the counter, so it now lives on the living room floor. And yes, the counter IS very cluttered. I need to clean it off.

Speaking of which, the freaking cat scratched me Saturday night. I held her, she didn't want to be held, and I got my face too close to her claws. I now have a long cut down the very center of my forehead, and a smaller cut just above my left eye. It's amazing she missed my eye or I'd be in a world of pain and trouble. Stupid cat. I tossed her in "peeper prison" (the bathroom) for a couple hours. There's no rugs or toys in there - a truly barren room.

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Brad said...

Love your pictures of Xena. She really looks great. Photogenic(sp?)! Must run in the family. =-)
The Warrior Princess. Guess she showed you about the warrior part recently based on Xena giving you The Claw....

Newbirth said...

Hahaha! My dad always said to be careful what you name your children, lol! He says I always try to act like a queen.

Brad said...

Mi' Lady howst would any say you TRY to ACT like a QUEEN>
I verily thought you were,,, you mean..

I am deceived and you are NOT A Queen...???

Your Royal manners and appearance has defeated my Royal Radar.

Yet, habits of this type women would loathe to abstain from. Being treated as a Queen can be quite the rage for a woman of worth. Alas, you are not A Queen of a realm?? So be it, you are still a Queen to your friends. My wife's name means...Queen. Guess warriors need a Queen so they know what to do and how they must behave.

Woe to the Warriors who bring down the wrath of the Queen in not honoring her or taking care of his post honorably.

They deserve the rack or maybe the whipping post and take 39 lashes for their arrogance and impertinence.

Maybe the Queen will break out her whip of whaling. To tame the insolent beasts. Mercy your Majesty Mercy..!!!