Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today's stuff

I finally managed to walk to work today. The rain lifted and it's actually sunny out. More of the same tomorrow and then the rain comes back.

Bought the Innova Evo cat food today. I had to get the 6.6 pound bag since they didn't have the 2.2. I'll try it out on the cats tonight.

Xena's birthday is set on April 6, so they will be getting tuna fish for dinner tomorrow. I don't know her exact birthday, so I just counted back from the age the shelter says she was to get a general idea. She will be four years old. Her adoption date is the middle of next month.

I was hoping to work out tomorrow but it looks like I'll be doing my taxes instead, so that will have to wait. Hopefully I can at least walk to work again. I'm really nervous over my taxes. Will all my numbers be correct? Will my paperwork be sufficient? Will she be knowledgeable enough with my insanely complicated taxes this year? Pray for me, please.

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