Monday, April 17, 2006

Weather front, diet front

There's no rain forecast for the rest of the week - just overcast skies. That's okay though. As long as I can walk the last leg to work, I can deal with overcast.


Was able to walk today, so that's a few calories burned.

Carb-wise I'm doing okay. Yesterday and today my carbs are in the low 50s - something impossible when I include bread and berries in my diet. I made do with raw veggies to chomp on instead. And only low-carb veggies in my lunches for now. After Saturday I'm afraid to weigh myself, but I got a couple compliments recently.

On Good Friday when I walked in the church the husband and wife handing out bulletins were acquaintances of mine. The husband said, "You look fit." Wow! That felt so good! I haven't seen them in a year, since last Easter. But all the time at the gym is paying off! :)

Last night the lady I see on Sundays at the bus stop said that it looked like I'd lost more weight. Since last week, no. I've probably gained. But to know I'm still slim and beautiful even when gaining back the weight I lost - gives me incentive to keep fighting and not just give up and gain it all back.

Got Brad over to my house on Saturday to get rid of four big bags of clothes. I wanted him there because my two pair of size 10 jeans are in those bags. If I gain anymore, I'd be pulling them back out and I don't want that. I will NOT go backwards! If the 8s are tight, then it's time to lose the weight I gained so they will fit again. I know I've come a long way since I started in an 18. I just didn't think "Lifetime Maintenance" would be so difficult! I think things will be a bit easier once all this overtime ends and I can get to the gym more often.

Fed Brad some dinner while he was there. He brought over the shirataki noodles I'd ordered online that had arrived at work the day before. I decided to try them so I cooked up two packages (shirataki must be parboiled), threw in some left over ground beef, and put alfredo sauce on top of it all.

It was...okay. The shirataki was certainly rubbery and has a tendency to get caught in the gaps between my back teeth. Still, for almost no calories or carbs it seems worth it. It's a way to give me more to eat without significantly adding to my totals. And most of the few carbs it has are fiber. While Dreamfield's pasta is great, at 380 calories for what I consider one serving, the calories are just too high to eat it often. One "serving" of shirataki (what I consider one serving, lol) is only about 40 calories. Big difference.

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Brad said...

Good job. The bags were delivered for Donations. Should have tagged them with Atkins tags....=-)