Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cold Rain

It's still raining today, so once again walking the last leg to work was not an option. It rained all last week, all weekend, and is forecast to rain all this week, too. *sigh*

And besides all that, it's a cold rain. I wait for the bus and feel like my whole body will freeze to death. Where are long johns when you need them?

At work I'm running the little space heater to keep my area toasty warm.

I'm hungry, but trying to cut back on food. Last week I stuck to acceptable foods, but my tummy feels bigger, and I did eat too many calories. What if this is real weight? So I definitely have to cut back. Especially with no gym time or ability to walk to work I have little chance to burn off what I'm eating.

I need to make bigger lunches so I'm not hungry so soon after. I'm not stepping on the scale. I know I've gained weight. :(

I'm getting tired of cottage cheese, and with summer coming, this might be a good time to try substituting strawberries. They aren't that much higher in carbs, and lower in calories. The downside is they have no protein to help me feel full (cottage cheese is good in this way), and they have no calcium. The cottage cheese I buy is a special kind with extra calcium - 60% of the RDA in a one cup serving. Tomorrow is grocery day, so it's something to consider. At least try it for a week.

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