Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday insanity

Whew! Holy Week is finally over! It's been extra crazy this year, with the week before and after being just as crazy. I got my taxes done the week before and this coming week is so busy that I'll only get in one workout. And now that Holy Week is past I can get back to blogging about diet, nutrition, and weight loss again. Holy Week is special and does call for a shift in my normal blogging.

This morning I wore the new sandals I bought on Friday. Since I hoped to walk to work I also brought my new tennis shoes along.

I checked the weather report and the 90% chance of showers had been downgraded to an 80% chance. It was raining when I looked outside and I thought, "Yeah, right." The rain continued to get heavier instead of lighter.

It was pouring as I left the house and my sandals and the nylons on my feet were wet within two blocks. I discovered that the soles of the sandals are permeable and only to be worn when it's dry. So I put up with wet shoes, nylons, and feet through the service. After the service, on the BART train, I took the sandals off and put on the dry tennis shoes. Since I was wearing nylons and not socks, the wetness didn't bother me and they soon dried.

As we exited the tunnel past the Lake Merritt station I noticed that the sky was clearing. I could actually see some blue sky! "Hey," I thought, "I might get to walk today after all." It was a good thing I'd brought the tennis shoes on the off chance I might get to wear them for the first time and walk the last leg to work. So that was at least some exercise today. I actually became so warm from walking that I had to take my jacket off.

I hoped that would be the end of this particular storm, but now it's coming down again. :(

I will eat low carb and will get this excess weight off! No more lattes, pizza, and frozen burritos and taquitos!

Food-wise I'm doing okay today. I had black coffee when I got up. Then I had an Atkins meal bar for breakfast, 8 oz. of a raw veggie mix for a snack, and 12 oz. of lean ground beef with sugar free BBQ sauce and 8 oz. broccoli for lunch.

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