Thursday, April 06, 2006


Got my taxes done today. Fun fun. For the first time I came out quite behind. I owed on the state, which I was expecting, but my federal return was only about a $60 refund, and H&R Block charged me about $120 to prepare my taxes, so that's a net loss of about $60. Oh well. The property Dad gave me really dinged me on the federal. The interest payments alone (which H&R Block says is the only thing I'm responsible for) jacked up my income quite a bit.

The good news is that I was almost eligible to itemize. I promised the lady I would keep better track of medical co-pays and such in the next year and who knows? - I might be eligible next year.

I managed my anxiety by popping a couple Xanex shortly before my appointment. It did help keep me calm.

Afterward I rewarded myself with off-diet foods. It's become a sort of annual tradition for me for surviving tax season.

Due to the length of my tax appointment - a good hour at least, I didn't even have time to run home after my appointment, much less go to the gym. I did walk the last leg to work so that's something at least.

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