Monday, April 24, 2006

Gym day

Today was a gym day! Yippee! I love that endorphine rush! It's totally addicting. :) Did 35 minutes on the weights, 45 on the elliptical (the kind that works the arms too), and finished up with 10 on the exercise bike. FitDay says 326 calories. I was pretty wiped by that point. I stopped at Long's Drugs and bought a triple strength diet Rock Star energy drink. 30 calories, 6 carbs, and no sugar. Woot. It sure does give me a boost after a hard workout.

My arms are more sculpted from all the weight training. I wish I could do more so I could see faster results. I know I've gained some muscle. I'm just worried that gaining back 6 pounds and getting unfocused may have put some fat on me as well. Gotta keep the calories low enough to keep my body in a calorie deficit.

On my way to the gym I stopped and picked up the Bible case for my book for the church study. I also got a really nice case for my humungous study Bible. This case has a separate zippered compartment for highlighters and even comes with its own Bible study notepad.

A quick off topic note on the 40 Days of Purpose study. I'll write about things that strike me, but only those things, so entries will not be Day 1, Day 2, etc., but more like Day 1, Day 5, etc. - just whenever one of the points hits me. I read the prelim stuff in the book today so I can plunge right into Day 1 on Saturday. Mr. Warren wants us to think about each lesson during the day, so that will mean reading on the bus in the morning. I hope I use this to draw closer to God.

Tomorrow I do a mail run into the City so no gym. I hope I can walk the last leg to work if I can complete my work there early enough. I just have one extra errand - taking money out of my savings account and putting it into checking, then getting my Conference registration, etc. mailed in.

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Keith said...

No comments about low-carb, I'm afraid, but just wanted to say thanks for your comment and encouragement at my blog.

God bless you in your own journey with our heavenly Father.