Saturday, April 29, 2006

Low-carb frozen "mousse," take 2

Here's a picture of the chocolate flavored frozen dessert I made this week. As I ate it I thought it was closer to soft serve ice cream than mousse. I bet if it were portioned out and placed in the freezer it would harden up and be like real ice cream. And the whole thing (bigger than the serving below) has only 5 net carbs! The drink mix used does contain sugar alcohol, so be aware of that if you are overly sensitive to them.

I added one packet of Splenda to sweeten it more. Two may have worked better as I thought it still wasn't very sweet. Add one more carb if you use two.

Recipe here.

5 carb dessert
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Cavmi said...

Hello from Italy!!!! I like your blog!

If you have just a minute, please visit me back! ;-D

Newbirth said...

Interesting, but your blog is mostly in Italian and I don't read Italian.

Fox said...

You have to make one of those for me...Please......=-)
Chasing the truth is hard and need plenty of energy! Gotta be good

CactusFreek said...

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