Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ate too little (for once!)

I ate so little yesterday (only 1453 calories!) that when all I had for breakfast this morning was two hard boiled eggs I actually got shaky and felt a bit "out of it" at the grocery store. Usually two hard boiled eggs is enough to carry me through the morning. I got home and ate an Atkins meal bar and felt better. The 1450 calories yesterday is just too low for my to feel my best. I also had a headache last night, but I don't think it was from eating only 40g net carbs yesterday; I think it was a hunger headache from eating too little food.

Plus, my fat intake yesterday was a pitiful 54g, below even the government recommendation of 60g a day, and since I'm low-carbing I need to eat well above that! So too much protein yesterday (144g) and too little fat (54g). Other than that, I'm pleased with the low number of calories and low carbs.

Since the podiatrist told me the shoes I bought for the race are NOT running shoes, I stopped at the new Payless Shoe Source store in the new shopping center at Edgewater Drive to get a real pair of walking/running shoes. They had a "buy one, get the second at half price" sale, so of course I had to get a second pair. I found the shoes I came for, then picked out a cute pair of summer sandals that I didn't need, but come on - at half price I had to buy them! ;) Anyway, I now have shoes for the Bay To Breakers race. Now I just have to break them in.

Oh yes, I walked to work from the BART station today. I went grocery shopping and hope to go to the gym tomorrow. When I put two days between my workouts I can hit the weights harder because my muscles have more time to recover. Ideally I'd go to the gym almost every day, but since I can only go twice a week, spacing the workouts like this should help me work harder.

It hasn't rained in over a week. In fact, it was t-shirt weather today - bright and warm and sunny! Dare I hope winter is finally gone? (We only have two seasons here - wet and dry. I hope the wet season is over. Last year it lasted all the way into June!)

Weight this morning was exactly the same as yesterday - 145.2. But I've been a good girl so I know things are going good even if the scale doesn't reflect it.

Food today wasn't too bad. I was hungry though from slashing calories so much recently and came in between 1800 and 1850 calories for today. Carbs: just over 50g. Fat: 68g (not bad, but needs to be higher). So it could have been A LOT worse. Still need to work on getting the protein down, though. Excess protein can convert to glucose and stall weight loss, so it is important.

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