Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vicki Box update

I got an e-mail from KellyLynn detailing the action she taking since my Vicki flaked on me this year. Vet bills in December are one thing - still not having anything sent by March is totally unacceptable.

Hello Victoria

I just wanted to let you know that you WILL be getting a Vicki box
this year..or perhaps more then one.....; )

I am sorry that your Vicki person didn't send the box out. I have
contacted them a number of times and they keep telling me they
are going to send it blah blah blah. At this point I don't believe she
will send it. I also feel that since it was my responsibility to organize
it this year it is my responsibility to make sure it goes well all the
way around.

So.....I have rounded up a couple ABC'ers and we are sending you
mini boxes from different parts of the country. So Enjoy!!


Brad said...

Wow, did't realize you didn't get your Vicky Box...
Don't worry though, you are still
The greatest Vicky they didn't box...
Maybe they are afraid to box you. Now that you have gotten to maintenance they don't won't to box anymore. You're just too strong. hhhhaaaaaaaa hahhaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaahaahahaha =-D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!
Hard not to take these things personally when they happen to you but now you will get even loads more, hopefully. Let me know what ya get.

burlington duh said...

I'll do the vicki box with you this christmas, sounds like fun...what is the spending limit? I am going to Paris this there might be a little eiffel tower in there 4 ya..lemme know

Newbirth said...

Um...who are you Burlington? I don't recognize your name.

Vicki boxes are a long standing tradition at the ABC forum (and have nothing to do with me, lol!). It's kind of a secret Santa thing. There is no spending limit, but regifting is encouraged. Books and silly gifts have a tendency to make their way around. This past year I regifted a Christmas tree head thingy that played music, and a singing reindeer. I have a book I will regift when I finish reading it. (sign in as a guest if it asks)

We sign up and get assigned a name.

burlington said...

I'm just a fan of ur blog :)
Wish u wouldn't delete my comments though...

Newbirth said...

I didn't delete your comment. It's still there. I didn't delete any of your comments.

Wile E. Coyote said...

You mean these comment are Public?????