Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Atkins meals

Ever wonder how I eat but couldn't understand how the stuff in my food and fitness journal come together to make my meals? Here's a quick guide. :) Contrast this with "fake Atkins."

Breakfast is either a sugar free protein shake (Keto or Atkins brand), a sugar free meal bar (I only eat Atkins brand), 8 oz. plain yogurt, or (occasionally) two eggs fried in olive oil.

Lunch is always meat and vegetables, though the kind of meat and vegetables differ from day to day and week to week. This is eaten at the start of my shift (I work second shift).

I don't have dinner per se; I snack my way through the evening so that the food will last through my whole shift. Three hours before I get off I'll have 8 oz. of cottage cheese or yogurt. When I have cottage cheese I sometimes dip spicy pork rinds into it. Yum! Two hours before I get off I'll have a sandwich - meat and cheese on 100% whole wheat low carb bread. Then one hour before I get off I'll have a big salad. Romaine lettuce is my current favorite; before that it was raw spinach leaves, and sometimes I'll put some tomato pieces on top. I top all this with 1/3 cup of a low carb, lower calorie dressing.

When I get home from work I have one glass of wine (either Merlot or White Merlot) and one cup of sugar free Jello.

I limit my diet soda to one can a day, and drink two large mugs of unsweetened green tea. Net carbohydrates (total carbohydrates minus fiber) per day is about 60g.

And that's my menu. :)

A great low-carb treat I recently discovered - mix together one cup plain yogurt, 8 oz. strawberries cut into small pieces, and one packet Splenda. Much better than fruit flavored yogurt and infinitely healthier.


Brad said...

Tool time! Got to get the food containers to set up the shift to the diet. That will be on payday! That is, getting the containers, not to go on the diet.I'll talk with you on the difficulties you had during the first two weeks of induction.

Atkins Annie....=-)
Like little Ophan Annie. You don't have the curly hair. You do have the thin lithe like body.Atkins, for those who believe in change. For good!

burlington duh said...

When it works stick to it eh? No wonder you go a bit nuts on a Saturday...or when ur alone. I like to think that ur doing a little bit more than what you got down....sneaking a bit of strawberries or something when no one is lookin'? :)

Newbirth said...

No, what I wrote down adds up to about 1800-1900 calories. Any more than that and I'll gain weight.