Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Turning people against me

It seems that Del went far beyond bozoing me and deleting a bunch of my "nasty" messages at the Weight Loss forum. She also told Jeanne some outright lies about me. Jeanne told me, "I was informed that the nastiest of the messages that you'd posted and they'd deleted was written to ME." I have no idea if I posted something "nasty" about Del in a message to Jeanne, but I have no reason to attack Jeanne. We've always been cordial to each other. The implication here is that I was saying something horribly nasty to Jeanne, which is of course what Del wanted Jeanne to believe. THIS IS PATENTLY NOT TRUE!

Del knows that since I can't defend myself (because she will ban me if I try, and she is a mod) she can say anything she wants and do anything she wants. All she has to do is delete a post and claim it said something nasty. Most people will believe her because she's a mod. It's just like Brian said in the Insiders and Outsiders post. I will always be an outsider and be wrong. Del will always be an insider and people always believe her, no matter what.

If Speds can claim that I said having my thread title changed was a "mortal hurt" (a phrase I never used, and based on the Ash Wednesday post), just to accuse me of being "dramatic," then Del can pretty much say anything she wants to.

See what I mean? I said I was "hurt" by having the title changed (which I was, since there was no need to do so), but by the time it gets reported publically in the forum it's become a "mortal hurt." People always see me as wrong, and sometimes have to change what I said to support that view.

Here's the thread in Jeanne's forum. Jeanne's post is #9.

And here's a refresher on the whole mess in chronological order.
Ash Wednesday (before I was bozoed)
I got bozoed!
Mods and Threats of Banning

And the article that started a firestorm:
Why the Low-Fat Diet is Stupid and Potentially Dangerous


diamondwife said...

I'm still standing with you. I am one of the many people who have left the Weight Loss forum that Malissa was referring to because of a combination of what I saw surrounding your departure from the forum and Del shutting down a thread that really had no arguments or problems, it was just something that she didn't agree with related to the ACLU. It was clear censorship. The thread was shut down clearly because my opinion as well as the opinions of 2 other regulars did not jive with hers. So, since my opinion is not welcome, I will not be returning.

Anonymous said...

Victoria - I would love to see you back at the forum. As for the censorship, etc. - who needs the drama ... at the end of the day I come to About to talk with others going through similar struggles, etc. and to read and offer advice and encouragement, so I pretty much ignore any unpleasantness - it's just not worth it.

I hope that you're able or willing to come back at some point, because you are missed, but I also think it's time to move beyond this conflict which became bigger than it ever should have been.

Hope to see you back soon, I've always enjoyed talking to you - or I hope you'll keep in touch if you decide not to. Take care of you!