Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saner Saturday

Well, my weight has skyrocketed the last two days. I'm now 4.5 pounds above goal. And I didn't think I did too bad yesterday. Last week my net carbs were around 150g. Yesterday they were about 100g. A big improvement. And my weight still went up. *sigh*

I had to come into work two hours early today, but I still managed to get some exercise in. I pedaled my ancient stationary bike at home while watching Mythbusters (a great TV show filmed in this area!). Then I arrived at the BART station early enough to walk the last leg to work. It is very windy today and the wind was right in my face, so it took about 30 minutes. FitDay says 210 calories burned. I also brought a couple fitness mags with me to look over. I've got to get more creative with doing something, because gym time is getting harder to come by each week. My current average is just one gym workout a week. All this courtesy of overtime. And yet the overtime is keeping me afloat right now.

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