Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ok, I'm sick

Well, my three day sore throat has developed into a nice cold, but thankfully just a small one. My nose is running and I'm a bit fatigued, but other than that okay. I went grocery shopping today, and on my way to work arrived early enough to walk from the train station, making a pit stop at Pac-N-Save to buy some Zicam. I was told that exercising when you're sick is good, as long as it's not a chest cold.

I think I have the same cold that Lisa has except that she works two or three jobs, doesn't eat right (high carbs/high fat), and doesn't take care of herself. She was out sick last night, totally knocked flat by it. And me - well if this is the worst it gets, I'm getting off easy. I credit this to getting enough sleep, taking my supplements, and eating healthy on Atkins. Never underestimate the power of the Atkins diet. All those vegetables we eat give us tons of good fiber and nutrition. :) Now I am dosing on Vitamin C and using the Zicam to kick this cold to the curb!

145 on the scale this morning. I really need to get to the gym more. :) I sense I'm retaining water today, so I'll be up tomorrow.

Safeway has stopped carrying the sugar free BBQ sauce. I had a feeling they might (can't say how I knew - I just did), and bought three bottles last week. Sure enough, it was gone from the shelves. I have no idea what I will do when my stash is gone. Not even the Carb Options Web site lists it anymore. I did e-mail them to ask about it.

Carb Options also no longer has the teriaki marinade, which was my favorite. The Italian Garlic is still listed on their site. In the store today it was marked "Reduced for quick sale." The teriaki has been missing from the store shelves for a while.

The Oroweat 100% whole wheat low-carb bread was missing, too. I bought the "Sugar Free" kind, which has only one more carb per slice, but the slices look smaller.

I can understand the "bad" low-carb products disappearing, but these are good products - low sugar alternatives to things that are normally packed with added sugar. Look at a bottle of BBQ sauce the next time you go to the store. Almost all its calories come from sugar. It's nearly impossible to live a low-sugar lifestyle these days.

*sigh* Even my grocery store conspires against my healthy diet to make me fat with things full of sugar. What is America's obsession with adding sugar to everything?!?


Lira said...

I hear you! After my doctor told me that I was hypoglycemic (what, four years ago now?), I started paying attention to those food ingredients and labels. I was shocked. Sugar, high fructose corn evilness, high carbs, no fiber--it's everywhere! Soup, bread, sauce, canned anything, my favorite snacks. Horrible.

I think our country has gotten so used to everything tasting of sugars and syrups that we can't abide not having it in all our foods. It just wouldn't taste "normal." Not that many of us would know what food really tastes like anymore...additives to the rescue, protecting us from reality once again.

Newbirth said...

It wasn't until I cut out sugars that I realized that carrots are actually sweet. I had no idea!

Lisa a.k.a. diamondwife said...

I know what you mean. Why would you put High Fructose Corn Syrup in meat? That makes no sense whatsoever. I also know what you mean about things being sweet. I have noticed that broccoli and shrimp are both quite sweet. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

Newbirth said...

Wait until you eat cottage cheese and it seems "off" because you can now taste the lactose. THAT was weird.

I haven't found broccoli sweet, but I do find cauliflower creamy. :)