Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another change of plans

So I won't be meeting Brian & Susan before work tomorrow. I really don't want them to fall asleep at the wheel and could see them earlier if I skip my workout. I did go shopping today - a day early - and will just go to the gym tomorrow. And I finally got some exercise in today; I got to walk the last leg to work! Walking to work isn't something I enjoy per se, but any activity makes me feel better than no activity. And I do have my iPod to keep me company. FitDay says 81 calories. Weight this morning - a disappointing 144.8. :(

Check out the new "About me" section (underneath "Archives") in the left hand column. I made up some buttons last night and swiped a few from another site. I think the buttons pretty well describe who I am and what's important to me. Underneath the buttons are two link - one to my testimony on this blog, and one to my diet and fitness journal on FitDay. I don't know how I could do my diet without FitDay.

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