Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mods and threats of banning

I'm glad I didn't check my e-mail yesterday, because it was a mess of Victoria bashing from the two mods on the Weight Loss forum.

I am once again 100% wrong and Del is just the sweetest lil' angel that ever walked the earth. I will never get a chance to defend myself on the forum like Del and Speds will, so I'll publish it here where at least a few people will see it.

First, from Del:

Victoria was not BOZOed for posting an article. She was BOZOed for personal attacks and general poor forum behavior which happened AFTER the title of her thread was changed. The thread itself was not altered in any way other than that. Because Victoria's posts in the past have been generally supportive, she was not banned from the forum. She was temporarily BOZOed to give her a little time to calm down and start behaving rationally without taking the forum down with her.

Like I have that kind of power? Please. You way overestimate me.

And wait, you think you were behaving rationally?

This was not the first time we have had to delete personal attacks made by Victoria against another forum member.

What personal attack? Proof please.

Please keep in mind that if the personal attacks resume, then the same thing will happen again, and next time it will not be a BOZO, it will be a ban. And this does not only apply to Victoria. This applies to everyone who posts on the forum. Everyone is held to the same expectation of good behavior, and nobody is exempt.

But you can attack me and that's okay? I get it.

And what personal attack did I make? Post it in the comments section if this alleged "personal attack" truly exists. But I know you won't because it doesn't exist.

And next, from Speds:

Couldn't agree with all more - BUT we can't have escalations to the point of mean posts (the ones that you didn't see we extremely immature and mean) . This was silly on every level. The only thing that "edited" was a title to a thread THAT's IT!!! The content was not edited. This minor change, for some reason, was not taken in the spirit of trying to maintain civility on the forum and it was escalated (not by Del) to the point of insanity.

When I rolled my eyes at her, she threatened me, but she didn't escalate it? SHE was the one who bozoed ME, but she didn't escalate it? I was ready to drop it and would have if she hadn't pulled that trick. Del bears some responsibility here.

You have all seen how even "tame" topics can get out of hand on this forum - with ones that are coming out of the gate with inflammatory titles, the damage is done almost immediately and it gets worse from there - it's either edit the title or delete the thread after it becomes one hell of a bitch fest - no one wants that.

We all have a responsibility, especially as veterans to this forum, to behave like adults - this was very "immature" and not the impression we should be giving off to members. If the veterans can't behave, why should we expect anything more from the people who come in new to the forum?

So the moderators can do whatever they want, but members are held to a higher standard? Isn't that backwards?

I do agree, Victoria is an asset to the forum but the over the top reaction to this issue was at all beneficial to the forum and as asset to no one. Even after the apology, the jabs kept coming. I did not bozo Victoria (but did not disagree with the move at the time). I will undo that and I told her it would be undone if she would just let this go - but please EVERYONE let's not let this happen again. If you have a problem with a post, or whatever, be mature about it. The edit was not personal and never should have been taken in that spirit and this should not have resulted in such childishness.

Does that include Del, too?

That being said, I will life (sic) the bozo - but this cannot happen again...

Yes, I originally escalated it, later apologized and was ready to completely let it go, and then, and only then, was I bozoed.

Moderators are supposed to be held to a higher standard, but due to the "good old boys" way of doing things, it's almost always the other way around - the moderator can do no wrong, so therefore the member must be 100% wrong. When I have modded I have always been held to a higher standard (sometimes impossibly high). That's why Del getting treated with kid gloves is sooo wrong.

All I need to do now is copy any journal posts there that I want to save over here. That should keep me busy for quite a while.

Since I won't be posting my daily food and exercise totals in my journal anymore, you'll need to see my FitDay journal for the totals.


Transcendent Emperor said...

hi i come from taiwan. :)

Brad said...

Ohh, I wish you could go back again. Can you try again???Is the relationship with this Forum too broken?? If it is, you can go to another Forum and continue the Atkins information campaign.

I am aware it is needed. To many are being led with wrong, outdated, pre-historic dietary guide lines.
My prayers are with you...