Sunday, March 26, 2006

This weekend

Failed on Friday - I full out binged on most of a jar of organic peanut butter, using organic celery to dip. I don't know why. I just craved peanut butter so much. Isn't that weird? I'm wondering if peanut butter might be another unsafe food for me to have around. *sigh* Nut and nuts butter just aren't safe around me. (Quick, hide the children!) At least it was something healthy. It could have been pizza with a side order of CinnaStix.

Finished off the jar on Saturday for breakfast. It did keep me full through snack time so I hardly had any snacks, but lunch was late and I kept pulling the peanuts out and grabbing a mouthful.

I arrived home from church about 3:30. I had a protein snack and then left for the gym around 4. I got there around 5, and worked out until 6:30, arriving back home around 7:30. Public transportation sucks during the week, and is worse on weekends. I was frozen when I walked in the door and finally got off my sweaty, wet gym clothes and into dry pajamas.

Today was a 12 hour day, but I did have just enough time to walk the last leg to work. I took a different route, putting me on the 51 bus at Eastmont mall so it would have been easiest to take the bus all the way in to work, since I had to take it from Eastmont mall to the BART station anyway. It would be as easy as simply remaining on the bus when it got to the BART station. I'm proud to say I got off the bus at the BART station and walked the rest of the way. :)

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