Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have a nice healthy sore throat today. Bleh. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. :(

Got a little exercise in today since I had an appointment before work that took up what would be my gym time. I hopped on my exercise bike at home for a 1/2 hour before my breakfast (1 cup plain yogurt), and then walked to work from the train station after my appointment. FitDay says 210 calories. Better than nothing, but I miss my gym time! Tomorrow's the only day I can go and what if I am sick?!?

Weight today is 145.8, so 3.8 pounds above goal. *sigh* I wonder if the 100% whole wheat low carb bread might be bloating me.

So all in all feeling blah and praying I don't come down with anything. I can't get sick. They depend on me here and I may have to work while sick and that would suck.


Just not a good day.


Spider63 said...

Congratulations, you are almost at your goal!

Newbirth said...

I hit goal already (January 6) and then bounced up. Now I'm trying to add back in a few more carbs and really work on the weight training to build muscle. That may mean that I gain a bit instead of lose and that's okay. I'm trying to get my overall body fat percentage down and just overall look better.