Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Danish Mohammed cartoons

I know this is long past the controversy, but today I stumbled upon the original Danish cartoons. Amazing the stuff you find when you are not even looking, lol!

Check them out here. Some of them have English translations.

I have to say - I don't see what's so offensive about this. The "fake cartoons" (further down the same link) are offensive. Maybe these fake cartoons are what people were getting so worked up over?

Does anyone have an English translation for the paragraphs in the center? I'd be interested in knowing what it says.

In the gaggle of photographs from protests against the cartoons, one sign stood out among all the other placards people carried. It read, "We condemn freedom of speech that hurts other people's feelings." Aw, the poor people. They had their feelings hurt. We must coddle them and make sure they never feel bad about anything.

Oh my God, people, get a life! Freedom of speech means that sometimes people will have their feelings hurt. Oh horrors! I feel hurt every time I see a parody of Jesus in the American media. You don't see me protesting, holding a sign, do you? Exactly. These people need to grow a backbone and become adults. Sheesh.

Oh well. Perhaps they saw the fake cartoons and were protesting that. I wonder how many of the protestors actually saw either the real or fake cartoons.

And...um...you can't have true freedom without the possibility that somewhere down the line someone will be hurt. To erase hurt isn't freedom - it's censorship.

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