Sunday, March 12, 2006

Diet Woes

I only have these problems on weekends (Friday/Saturday for me). First the bad news. I went on a mini binge on Friday eating TWO turkey and cheese sandwiches, too many strawberries, and most of a box of sugar free Oreos. I think there were only four cookies left when I finished.

Saturday was considerably better, though still way too many calories from the peanuts at church. Total net carbs came to around 100g, which isn't bad for a Saturday.

So after two days of bad eating I'm not going anywhere near a scale. I'm doing a really piss poor job at maintaining, though.

It's so hard to not eat when I'm home. During the week I only come home to sleep, so eating horribly is minimized. However, come Friday and Saturday when I am home more, I can't stop eating. I get bored watching TV and want to eat something and drink wine.

I'm back on plan today, of course, and trying hard to stay on track. And tried to burn off some of my guilt at the gym yesterday.

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Brad said...

Hmmmmm, Maybe we should talk about this.

You should join Carbs anonymous.

Your carboholic weekends must end.
You need a sponsor to call when you want to BINGE.

So there is one option.
Use Xena or Abby as a sponsor. They are always willing to listen (meow). They are keeping their diets. (even on the weekends) hmmm, wonder how they do it...
Option #2

Use the plan you have for the week on the weekend. Stick to it with Prayer supplication with thanskgiving....=-)