Monday, March 27, 2006

Can Atkins cause ketoacidosis and kill you?

Perhaps you have heard about the anti-Atkins study published in The Lancet? I blogged about it once before. Briefly, the authors claim that a woman got ketoacidosis from being on the Atkins diet. This is impossible as ketoacidosis is a condition found in Type 1 diabetics who's blood sugar is sky high. This woman's blood sugar was normal. But since when did truth ever stop someone with an agenda from making a claim?

Jimmy's blog has a couple articles (#1 / #2). Regina Wilshire also covered it quite well. But then I came across Dr. Michael Eades' Protein Power blog (and co-author with his wife of the book by the same name). Unlike Jimmy, Dr. Eades' is a certified MD, who also endorses a low- or controlled-carb approach. Because he knows medicine, he was able to rip the ketoacidosis diagnosis to shreds. It was such a well-written article, I had to blog it and tell you all to get over there and read it! Don't let the press dupe you. Get the real scoop on this woman, her real diagnosis, why it took two years to publish this study, and the bias of The Lancet. Seems they have an agenda.

Read Dr. Eades' blog entry:
Low-carb diet takes one below the belt

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