Friday, March 10, 2006

"Fake Atkins"

Just when I was gaining a little respect for the South Beach Diet, I came across the following item on my day-at-a-time calendar, clearly a slam against the Atkins diet. And whoever wrote it doesn't even understand the program. The whole thing is nothing but someone's fantasy of what Atkins is, and so far from the truth that I could feel my blood pressure rising. It is what us Atkinsers have come to call "fake Atkins." (For another example of fake Atkins, click here. A new window will open so you don't lose this page.)

From the Friday, March 10 entry:

Not everyone wants to give up vegetables, fruit, bread, and pasta forever - even in exchange for a regimen that allows a pound of bacon for breakfast followed by a pound of hamburger (with no bun, of course) for lunch, topped by a thick steak for dinner. And if people want bread, pasta, or rice, a humane eating plan should be able to accommodate that desire.

Since when does the Atkins diet make you "give up vegetables, fruit, bread, and pasta forever"? I eat all of these things. Vegetable are never cut out. Even in Induction you have to eat 20g net carbs a day, and 10-15 of those should be from vegetables. Since many vegetables are quite low in net carbs, you can eat quite a lot. And after the first two weeks you should be eating even more! Vegetables are a basic mainstay of almost every low-carb diet out there, and Atkins is no exception.

Fruit is also not cut out. Avocado and tomato (both fruits) are allowed from Induction all the way through to Lifetime Maintenance. And from Ongoing Weight Loss (Phase 2) onward, you can have berries. Most people also add other fruits.

Bread - I've been eating whole wheat bread for months now. You just can't have it during the first two weeks - as indeed even South Beach restricts bread during that time.

As for pasta, I can have Dreamfields any time I want. (By the way, I highly recommend this pasta. It's the real thing. I won't eat any other kind now.)

The only thing that has any truth is the rice, and some people can add that back in small amounts during Lifetime Maintenance, or even Pre-Maintenance, if they really want. It's not important to me, but it is to some people. Me - I'll take 100% whole wheat bread over anything, even fruit. I love whole wheat bread.

I have never eaten a pound of bacon or a pound of hamburger, much less all in one day! My diet is comprised of three basics - meat, vegetables, and dairy.

I bought this calendar because Atkins doesn't make one and I figured this one might have some good low-carb advice. I am sorely disappointed.

[Edit: I'm told the quote is probably from Dr. Agatston's South Beach Diet book. So the doctor himself is the one publishing this slander.]


Science4u1959 said...

Very nice blog, and interesting article. What a load of crock, and a very cheap shot, this fake-Atkins calendar article you pointed out. Indeed, very disappointing and I can imagine it doesn't do much for your respect for South Beach. Nonsense like this doesn't much for my respect either. Remarkable - one would think that they do not have to resort to vitriolic "ad hominem" attacks like that.

Again, great blog! Say hi to the cats for me :)

Regina Wilshire said...

Add to that list of fruits allowed during induction: lemons, limes, macadamia nuts (they're drupes), olives, pumpkin and zucchini & yellow squash.