Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm hungry!, and some miscellaneous stuff

The good news today is that I had a whoosh last night and was 142.6 on the scale this morning. I don't expect that to hold since I know it was just water. But it's good to see a lower number once in a while. :)

The bad news is I am absolutely ravenous today, so my calories are higher. I had to eat a double breakfast just to take the edge off - two scrambled eggs and an Atkins meal bar. This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

Walked to work from the train station for a little exercise. FitDay says 80 calories.

One quick point on my New Year's Resolutions. I committed to doing a little devotional reading every day, starting with Our Daily Bread online, and using that until the print version arrived. I haven't been doing them, and the print version arrived today. So already that half of the resolution is a "fail."

Last, a quick note on links here. It used to be that all links in posts opened a new window. As of today, links off-site will still open a new window, but links on-site (going to another page of this blog) will NOT open a new window. The exception is all the links in the left column. All of them will still open a new window, whether the link is on-site or off. However, there's also an exception to that - the "Recent Posts" lists does not open a new window.

For example, this post has two off-site links that will open new windows, and one on-site link that won't. :)

Hope that isn't confusing and that it reduces any frustration you may have.

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