Monday, March 13, 2006

Outsiders and Insiders

These are portions of an e-mail sent to me by my good online buddy Brian (who I might get to meet in person next month!). He's one of the CH Refugee folks who have stood by me through everything the past 6 or 7 years and have proved true friends.

Anyway, this was in response to this blog post. The e-mail was so good I asked if I could reproduce parts of it here and he said yes. I've taken out some of the more personal stuff.


First, allow me to express my sympathy. I know you try very hard to get along with people. I know how much it hurts to be punished when you're doing your best. I can stand being punished when I know I'm doing wrong...being punished when I'm trying to do right sends me into a livid rage.

For whatever reason, you and I are perpetual outsiders. That means that, whenever there's a clash, we're the bad guys. It doesn't matter if in actual fact we are 10% at fault and the other guy is 90% at fault -- WE will get all the blame and the other person will be treated as the aggrieved victim, deserving of love and support while WE get kicked in the teeth.

In this world, there are people like former President Clinton who can do pretty much anything and people will overlook or excuse their failures and crimes. They are "insiders". There is another group of people who are always wrong, whose best attempts at doing right are met with scorn, and whose every blunder merely reinforces everyone else's perception of what shit they are. These are the outsiders. I believe you and I are in this second group.

God will judge us fairly...but in the meantime we have to live in a world with humans who will NOT judge us fairly. Ever. The problem is, whenever we dispute with other people, we're always going to be wrong. So the answer is: Be wrong as little as possible.

I'll pray for ya, sis. We outsiders have to look out for each other.

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Brad said...

The Lord was the true Outsider. Guess that put us in His company. Of corse by His choice. Yet we are the ones that made Him the outsider. We rejected Him. By that rejection we are saved.

Therefore when we are rejected for something of a poor or retalitory reason for the gopsel sake, We are like Him. We will never as believers ever be judged fairly. For the Lord said," That it is enough that we be like Him." =-)