Friday, March 17, 2006

Three more wedding photos

Two thumbnails and one full size picture from my sister's wedding August 27, 2005.


Anonymous said...

those collarbones can cut paper..i'm jealous :)

Brad said...

Your collar bones are merely part of the glorious beauty that is you.
Strong, beautiful, delicated, feminine, supple. Blend of strength and beauty. Perfect balance!

No matter what you look like or how the collar bones are or what happens to your body. You will still be the wonderful you that you are!

No matter that you get saggy, old, sassy,gassy!!hehehe We'll still love ya

Young and sassy now just not,, well you know! Mostly. =-D

burlington duh said...

You look so happy in those wedding pics....ur sis should have been mad at ya...u were not supposed to look better than the bride :)