Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meeting Brian & Susan, and other stuff

Today I got to meet Brian & Susan from Virginia (near DC). Because my apartment is a pig sty, I insisted on meeting them somewhere other than home. The downside is they didn't get to see Abby hiding under the bed and meet Xena.

They met me at work at 3 p.m. and we hung out until 4, then they had to leave to drive to Manteca. I've never seen Susan before and Brian seems bigger (bone-wise) than I could see in the one or two pictures I've seen.

We took pictures. Susan doesn't want her picture online, so I'll either not use pictures with her and/or crop her out. Pics of Brian and I shall follow as soon as I can get them on the computer, edited, and uploaded.

I did get to work out today - yay! I got in 30 minutes of weight training and an hour of cardio. I was sweating so much my towel was damp when I was finished.

I made the bed this morning, stripping off the twin bed blanket I've been using for the last week and putting back on my full/queen bed blanket. I really need another one. The cats keep shedding and I keep having to wash it. I threw a twin bed flat sheet over the bed. That will be easier to wash than the blanket. I haven't seen Abby shedding when I pet her, but Xena is in full molting mode - lots of fur comes off just from petting her.

I bought a shower kit at 24 Hour Fitness. It has a small mesh bag with the logo, a large towel with the logo, and a small, thick plastic bag with drawstrings containing a washing sponge, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion. It was just $10. I mostly wanted the mesh bag, but I can use all of the other stuff in practical ways so it's a good deal. :)


burlington duh said...

Brian and Susan didn't want to see your apartment they wanted to see you! Pity they didn't get to see ur cats...maybe another time eh? My cats are shedding like crazy too, they are such filthy bums but couldn't imagine life without em.

Wile E. Coyote said...

I live in a cave and the Desert in New Mexico. I bet your apartment is cleaner than my place!!!

Where do roadrunners live???? Anyone have any baby roadrunners?? I like to raise them. Fact, I 'm planning a roadrunner farm for abandoned roadrunners. Looking for donations of roadrunner eggs too. Hatchery soon to open. =-k Thanks Wile E.